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Exp: November 30 2023

  • TORO Evolution 4station Controller EVO-40D


    4-16 Zone (Station) Modular Controller
    • Model: EVO-4OD
    • UPC/EAN: 90258818106
    • When paired with a Smart Connect receiver (sold separately), the EVOLUTION Series controller is able to communicate wirelessly to a series of powerful and water saving accessories, including the ET-based Weather Sensor, Precision™ Soil Sensor, Auxiliary Relay, Handheld Remote, or SMRT Logic. SMRT Logic is a unique internet gateway that allows cloud-based control of your landscape through the SMRT Scape™ website or app.
    • The EVOLUTION Series controller features a backlit LCD display that makes programming the controller and making adjustments in the future easy and straightforward. The multi-lingual display can be set to one of six different languages.
  • Toro Ag. Filters

    The F Series family of plastic Y filters offers superior performance and durability under demanding conditions. Filters are suitable as a primary or secondary filter. Screen filters are available in small and large body bodies. Small body filters are ideal for tight installations and large body filters provide a larger filtration area. All these features make these filters ideal for agricultural, greenhouse and nursery applications.





    Toro Ag. Filters

  • Poly Pipe – Blue Strip Polyethylene Hose – BLACK or WHITE

    Features and Benefits:

    • Manufactured from the highest

    grades of polyethylene resins for durability and reliability.

    • Available in 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ diameters.

    • Available in white tubing for nursery and extreme

    climate applications to assist with water temperature


    • ID control is standard, but OD controlled

    configurations are available as well.

    • A minimum of 2% carbon black is present to prevent

    ultraviolet degradation.

    • State of the art quality control standards and processes

    ensure consistent high quality production 24/7.

    •  7 year warranty is the strongest in the industry,

    and backed by industry professionals who care.

    !!PLEASE NOTE!!  Pictured above is Toro’s blue line poly pipe. Due to market conditions we may bring into our inventory Jain’s white line poly pipe as a replacement.





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