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  • Jomar True Union Ball Valves

    PVC true union ball valves are quarter turn, quick opening shut-off valves that allow user to loosen union nuts from valve body and remove entire valve body from the line. Double union/double block design stops flow upstream or downstream, when alternate union is removed for service piping system. For industrial applications including sewage treatment plants, water treatment, chemical plants, marine use, food processing, swimming pools and feeding systems.

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    Jomar True Union Ball Valves

  • PVC Schedule 80 Ball Valve

    • Heavy duty thermoplastic white PVC (Type 1, Grade 1)
    • Materials meet NSF standards
    • Meets ASTM 2467 Schedule 80
    • White body, Blue handle
    • Available with Teflon® or EPDM seats providing excellent chemical
    • EPDM “o” ring stem seal
    • 150 PSI working pressure at 73ºF water, non-shock
    • Maintenance free compact design
    • Severe shock loads and misalignment stress are absorbed by the valve
      body, not the ball & seat, minimizing the chance of uneven wear & leakage
    • Available in Slip x Slip and Thread x Thread (up to 4″)



    PVC Schedule 80 Ball Valve

  • Antelco Green Back Valves

    Green Back Valve 16mm – 5/8″ (tube .570 – .620 ID)

    Green Back Valve 21mm – 3/4″ (tube .810 – .820 ID)

    Green Back Valve 25mm – 1″ (tube 1.050 ID)

    • Barbed valve with simple on-off operation and straight through flow
    • Operating pressure range up to 45 psi at temperature to 100° F
    • Used for secondary zone water diversion and flow control on poly pipe irrigation/drip systems



    Antelco Green Back Valves


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