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Exp: November 30 2023

  • ThermAlarm III Temperatue Alert

    The Thermalarm III uses hermetically sealed magnetic switches to trigger an alarm condition, eliminating concerns with corrosion and particle contamination of the contacts. This feature is of particular importance in applications where chemical fumes, high humidity and airborne dust and dirt particles are present.

    Other features of the Thermalarm III are:

    • Easier set-hand adjustment. The adjustable set-hands extend through the bottom of the instrument housing, so you can use your fingertips to adjust the high and low limits – no tools needed!
    • Quicker response to temperature changes. Airflow through the opening at the bottom of the instrument case allows the instrument to sense air temperature change more rapidly.

    The standard range of the Thermalarm III is from 20°F to 110°F. Additional ranges are available on special order: 40°F to 130°F, and a freezer/refrigeration model with -20°F to +70°F. Other temperature ranges may be available.

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  • Taylor Indoor/Outdoor Wall Thermometer

    • Contemporary curved shape with bright red reading tube.
    • Extra large, colorful, easy to read numerals.
    • Temperature range -40°F to 120°F and -40°C to 50°C.
    • Weather resistant and rustproof.
    • 14 1/2″ long.

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  • Taylor Mechanical Portion Control Scale

    • Available in both 5lb x .5 oz or 25 lb x 2 oz / 11 kg x 50 g capacity.
    • Exclusive, removable stainless steel platform design improves cleaning efficiency.
    • Stainless steel spring and corrosion-resistant weighing mechanism for durability, long-term accuracy, and strength.
    • Angled dial with bold graphics improves reading accuracy and ease of use.
    • Shatterproof lens protects dial.
    • Rotating dial allows for container weight deduction and quick zero for multiple ingredient measuring.
    • NSF listed.

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  • Orchard/Grove Thermometer

    • Minimum registering orchard thermometer.
    • Temperature range 10°F to 100°F in 1°F increments.
    • Metal backing.
    • Permacolor™ filled.
    • Packed in an individual box.

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  • U-Tube Min-Max Thermometer

    • Registers high and low temperature reading from last setting.
    • Range -40°F to 120°F.
    • Push button reset.
    • White plastic casing.
    • Permacolor™ filled.
    • Packed in an individual carton.

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  • Digital Min-Max Thermometer

    Multimode Data Logger, Data Logger, Temp. Range (F) -40 to 120, Temp. Range (C) -40 to 50, Min./Max. Memory Yes, Display LCD, Special Features Weatherproof, Front Access Battery Compartment and Protective Cover, Records Previous Min/Max Readings for Six Days, Battery Type (1) AA, Includes Dual 3-meter Probes, Battery.

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