• Assembly Insert

    An Assembly Insert is a threaded gasket that provides a quick installation and leak-free seal for Dramm Irrigation Nozzles. The interior female thread is 3/8 Witworth– the same thread specification used on the Pin-Perfect, Nifty, Misty Mist and Drop style nozzles.

    To Install, use a 7/16 drill bit to drill holes into schedule 40 PVC pipe, aluminum pipe or galvanized pipe. Caution: Do not use schedule 80 PVC. The Assembly Insert will not be able to create an effective seal due to the wall thickness of the schedule 80 PVC pipe.

    Install the Assembly Insert into the hole and then screw in the nozzle. The width of the nozzle expands the Assembly Insert as it is screwed into place– creating a leak-free seal without having to drill and tap every hole. Pipes should be clamped and drilled using a drill press or alignment jig to ensure perfectly round holes and straight alignment. Recommended for use at operating pressures up to 50 PSI.

    Sold individually or in bags of 250 pieces.


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