• Pin-Perfect Nozzles

    The ‘perfect’ overhead watering nozzle for foliage plants, bedding plants, geraniums and all 4 to 6 pot crops. Pin-Perfect Nozzles can be easily turned ‘off’ by pushing the pin down and ‘on’ again by pulling the pin up. Each nozzle produces a 10 foot diameter spray pattern when your water pipeline is 5 feet above the crop.

    We can sell you Pin-Perfect nozzles either individually or in bulk by bags of 100.  For larger quantities please call us for price and availability.

    For more information on Dramm’s Pin-Perfect nozzles click https://www.dramm.com/html/main.isx?sub=535

    8MI-10BNBROWN.95 GPM$1.17$1.08
    8MI-10BEBLUE1.27 GPM$1.17$1.08
    8MI-10BKBLACK1.60 GPM$1.17$1.08

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